Back orders, time-wasters and dreamers.

Back orders, time-wasters and dreamers.

Now as many of my customers know, I’m happy to help anyone if I can, but there’s a small minority who as usual, spoil it for everyone else.

Having recently spent several hours running around like an idiot to try and help someone in “desperate need”, only to have them vanish without so much as a goodbye or kiss my… I’ve had enough.

So sadly from now on, unless you’re a business submitting an official purchase order, if you need anything ordering in with a value of more than £50, then you’re going to have to pay up front.

It’s a shame its comes to this, but there you go. If you happen to know someone who pulls these sort of stunts, give them a kick in the shins and let them know that their behavior affects everyone else.

Merry Christmas!

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