Balmar XT & AT Series

Balmar AT and XT

Balmars AT and XT alternators are aimed at the light commercial and recreational marine user, with the XT series especially suitable for ‘WakeBoats’. The XT alternator is also now finding its way into the Van & RV markets.

The AT is a 12V unit and has an output of 220A. It is available as a Single 1 or 2″ ‘Motorola / Delco’ style mount, an 80mm (3.15″) ‘Hitachi’ style, and a 100mm (4″) ‘J-180’.

The XT series is a 12V, 170A unit that comes in several configurations. As well as the mounting style, Balmar has introduced several technical variations depending on whether you want an internal regulator, and an Isolated, or Case ground.

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