proATT 1211

proATT 1211

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2W Power Limiter for TETRA band.

  • Remote controllable transmission power limiter that allows ship owners and naval architects to gain ATEX conformance for their patrol boat when operating in hazardous areas declared as explosive atmospheres.
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proATT 1211 2W Power Limiter for TETRA band is an innovative transmission power limiter to be used in vessels operating in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

proATT 1211 allows ship owner and naval architect to gain ATEX conformance for their patrol boat when operating the ship’s radio transmitters in hazardous areas declared as explosive atmospheres.

proATT 1211 operation is simple. In normal operating mode TETRA transmission is pass through without attenuation. In ATEX operating mode TETRA transmission is attenuated to 2W peak level to comply with regulations and received TETRA signal is fed through unattenuated.

The change of proATT 1211 operating modes is activated remotely by an external switch. To maximize reliability, active operating mode is indicated by LED light and to maximize the failsafe operation maintaining the normal operating mode does not require external power.

The innovative proATT™ technology minimizes the losses in normal operating mode and ensures unattenuated reception of TETRA signals even in ATEX operating mode. Thus it maintains the overall performance of the communication system

Prevent ground loops, increase performance, less troubles

  • easy to use and install
  • enables the ATEX conformity of a vessel
  • failsafe operation

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Technical features

  • Product description: Automatic full duplex 2W RF power limiter for TETRA band
  • Power supply: +24VDC external power required
  • Attenuator features: Frequency range: 380MHz – 420MHz / Max power handling: 25 W
  • Normal mode: Insertion loss/attenuation (RX/TX): < 0.3 dB / Return loss: <-22 dB
  • ATEX mode: Attenuation (TX): 7 dB / Attenuation (RX): 7 dB / Return loss: <-22 dB
  • Connectors: N-female connectors /2-wire cable for remote control (+24VDC signal to activate ATEX


  • Approvals: Meets IEC 60945 specification
  • Environmental: Case IP65 / Operating temp: -20° – +60° non condensing
  • Dimensions: Height: 32mm / Width: 57mm / Length: 150mm (with connector cables 300mm)
  • Weight: 200g
  • Order code: FIL1211: proATT 1211 2W Power Limiter for TETRA
  • Delivery time: 3 months

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