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5 in 1 antenna for radio broadcast (FM and DAB), TV, WLAN, GPS, GSM, 4G/LTE.

  • Perfect for sailing boats and marine environments where signals are strongly reflected from the wave surface.
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Multiuse – multi frequency antenna for everyday communications

proD4™ is an highly integrated multifrequency antenna that covers the most of communication frequencies and it performs! It is used in normal leisure boats and why not in professional work- and patrol boats as well.


proD4™ – multi frequency antenna covers all everyday communication needs for leisure boat. It’s leading design principle was to maximize signal to noise ratio and signal quality instead of reaching the maximum gain at the cost of quality.

proD4™ utilizes also the state of the art design rules that are normally not seen in consumer electronics. It is perfect for sailing boats and marine environments where signals are strongly reflected from the wave surface. In addition to FM, TV, WLAN and GPS it covers all GSM, 3G and LTE bands.


It’s operating frequencies are arranged into three groups (FM/TV/WLAN, GSM/4G/WLAN, GPS) each fed with separate cable to make its usage easier. It can be further coupled with special splitter that provides necessary operating power to the antenna (specially GPS and FM/TV amplifier).

The TV antenna of proD4™ is amplified and filtered. Filtering is done separately for TV VHF and TV UHF bands in order to maximise its performance and avoid interference caused by AIS, VHF, 450MHz data radios and GSM radios.

The used amplifier is a state of the art design closely integrated with the antenna element thus minimizing the required gain (too big gain amplifies interference and reduces signal quality). This way the overall signal quality is superior to the other antennas.

It does them all

  • FM radio
  • DAB (digital audio broadcast)
  • DVB / DVB-T / DVB-T2
  • GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, 3G800/2150, 4G/LTE
  • WLAN2.4

Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Antenna properties: –
  • Frequency/ relative gain:
    • FM Radio: 80-108MHz / > 8dBi
    • TV(VHF): 170-240MHz / > 14dBi
    • TV(UHF): 480-800MHz / > 18dBi
    • GSM:800-960MHz / > 2dBi
    • GSM:1700-2150MHz / > 2dBi
    • WLAN: 2.4GHz / >2dBi
    • GPS: 1575-1610MHz / 28dBi
  • Power supply: Active GPS antenna +5VDC/25mA / FM/TV antenna amplifier +5VDC/<300mA
  • Connectors: FM/TV/WLAN: BNC – female / GSM/LTE: TNC – female / GPS: TNC-male
  • Resistance to ground: Floating

Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C)

  • Dimensions height: 160 mm / diameter: 370 mm
  • Weight: 2000 g
  • Material: Plastic body (ASA)
  • Mounting: Standard UNF1 -14inc (1”-14tpi) mount with inner thread optional mounting bushing R1 thread (1-1/4” -11tpi)
  • Ingress protection: IPx5
  • Operational environment continuous: 20° – +30° C (short term -40° – +55°)
  • Accessories:
    • FIL1311 – proD4 Power Feeder
    • FIL1312 – proD4 Duplexer
    • FIL1313 – proD4 Triplexer
    • BUSHING 2 – optional mounting bushing R1 thread (1-1/4” -11tpi)
    • CABLEKIT 1 – 3x 7m low loss cables with connectors
    • CABLEKIT 2 – 3x 10m low loss cables with connectors
    • CABLEKIT 3 – 3x 15m low loss cables with connectors
  • Standards: All proFIL™ products are to the standard of IEC60945 to insure safe operation in the environment on relevant parts. Some of the criteria is operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetical compatibility.

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