proFIL 1321

proFIL 1321

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Passive MF/HF (0.1-30 MHz) antenna splitter.

  • Splits existing MF/HF radio’s separate DSC receiving antenna (typically long wire whip) with Navtex or WeatherFax receiver. It can be used to split any 0.1-100 MHz antenna with two receivers.
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proFIL™ series of Professional DSC Antenna Splitters is an alternative to speed up AIS and Navtex installations and to increase total effectiveness of communication.

proFIL 1321 MF/HF DSC and Navtex antenna splitter is intended to be used with MF/HF DSC receiver and

Navtex/WeatherFax receiver. In a typical installation proFIL 1321 splits the antenna of existing MF/HF DSC receiver with Navtex receiver. It provides full galvanical DC isolation for its Navtex port, thus enabling its use with receivers using active antennas.

High-performance proFIL™ technology enables modern communication without compromising safety and performance. Its low loss and medium isolation output ports improve the overall performance of the communication system in comparison to the traditional one antenna – one radio approach. proFIL™ technology is proven and used by many governments and authorities in Europe.

Save space, simplify structures

  • reduces antenna count from 2 to 1
  • easy to install
  • works with DSC, AIS and Navtex receivers
  • no need for new cabling
  • can be used with proISO 1001 to prevent ground loops

Electromagnetic modelling services fine-tunes performance

By using advanced proEMS™ electromagnetical simulation, modelling, analysis and measurement services a complete 3D-electromagnetic environment of the ships external structures is built and the optimal location for each antenna with the least interference can be found and verified. The proEMS™ services are useful for any size of boat or ship and are tailored for each customer separately.

Table 1 Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Antenna Port: 0.1MHz– 100MHz / (-400MHz)
  • Radio Ports:
    • RX1: 0.1MHz – 100MHz / RL: > 18dB / Insertion (splitting) loss: < 3.5dB / Power: 0.1W
    • RX2: 0.1MHz – 100MHz / RL: > 18dB / Insertion (splitting) loss: < 3.5dB / Power: 0.1W
  • Power Handling (max simultaneous): 0.1W
  • Port Isolation (between outputs): > 17dB
  • Port impedance: 50ohm
  • Connectors: N – female
  • Resistance to ground: Body grounded with coax shields, antenna port shield and radio port shields in common potential

Table 2 Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C)

  • Dimensions: height: 30 mm / width: 119 mm / depth: 110 mm
  • Weight: about 320g
  • Material: Aluminium body
  • Ingress protection: none
  • Mounting: wall mounting flanges with M4 holes
  • Operational environment: -30° – +60° C
  • Standards All proFIL™ products are to the standard of IEC60945 to insure safe operation in the environment on relevant parts. Some of the criteria is operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetical compatibility. Body grounded with coax shields, antenna port shield and radio port shields in common potential

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