proFIL 4211

proFIL 4211

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Tactical VHF and UHF (Nato 1 band) diplex antenna combiner for 30 – 512 MHz tactical wideband antennas.

  • Operates in ranges 80-170 MHz/ 225-400 MHz.
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Promarine’s tactical communication products are specially designed for fast and small patrol vessels. They allow the installation of multiple radios without increasing the amount of antenna and thus risking vessel’s mission capabilities.

proFIL 4211 is designed to be used with tactical wideband antennas ranging from 30MHz up to 512MHz. Their low loss design enables the use of high power transmitters simultaneously.

proISO 1150 combined galvanic isolator and lightning protector protects communication system from lightning strikes, EMPs, interference and static discharges. It also protects vessel’s metal hull from corrosion caused by DC-ground leaks.

Combining several transmitters and receivers to single antennas by using advanced proFIL™ technology creates instant advantages. Risks that are avoided immediately are:

  • reduced co-site interference
  • reduced intermodulation
  • saved space
  • reduced overhearing

Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Type: Medium isolation / high power antenna combiner
  • RF specification:
    • Standard frequency range: 80-170MHz / 225-400MHz
    • Extended frequency range: 30-170MHz / 225-512MHz
  • RF-specification (standard range): RL: <-20dB (avg) / Loss: < 1.0dB / Isolation: < 35dB / POWER: 150W
  • RF-specification(extended range): RL: <-10dB (avg) / Loss: < 1.5dB / Isolation: < 20dB / POWER: 150W
  • Lightning protection: n/a

Mechanical & Environmental specifications

  • Product: N-female connectors / Connector chassis and case grounded
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Environment: 0°-40°C non condensing
  • Size: 150 x 150 x 60 mm
  • Mounting: M4 holes on bottom lid, wall mount
  • Options: n/a

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