proFIL 5230

proFIL 5230

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Diplex antenna combiner for TETRA/450 LTE (380-470 MHz) and LTE modem (690-2700 MHz).

  • Ideally suited for proTAC 5315 TETRA and 4G antenna.
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The use of proFIL™ family of antenna combiners and splitters makes the design of communication system trouble free and easy. It helps in reducing the interference between communication system.

proFIL™ 5230 is a compact and high performance antenna combiner from 300 MHz up to 6GHz WiFi frequency. It is ideally used with proTAC™ 5315 Wideband LTE antenna to split it with 380 MHz Tetra or 450MHz LTE modem and 4G LTE Modem.


proFIL antenna combiners are completely passive with no wearing or serviceable parts. Thus maximizing the reliability. They all features high RF-isolation between radio ports and steep band pass characteristics towards antenna thus minimizing the risk for spurious transmissions.

Diplex–type of filters enables simultaneous transmission and reception within the same radio port. They also enable simultaneous transmission or reception in adjacent ports if specified for transmitters.

As they are frequency division combiners, they don’t create any extra splitting losses except the normal insertion loss that can be compared to small length of an antenna cable.

Table 1 Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Antenna port: 300 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Radio ports:
    • LTE Low: 300 MHz – 490 MHz / RL: < -10 dB / Insertion loss: < 2.0 dB / Power: 2W
    • LTE High: 690 MHz – 3 GHz / RL: < – 10dB / Insertion loss: < 2.0dB / Power: 2W
  • Power Handling (max simultaneous): 5 W
  • Port Isolation (between outputs): > 30 dB
  • Port impedance: 50 Ω
  • Connectors: BNC-female
  • Resistance to ground: Body grounded with coax shields, antenna port shield and radio port shields in common potential.

Table 2 Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C)

  • Dimensions: height: 30mm / width: 119mm / depth: 110mm
  • Weight: about 320g
  • Material: Aluminum body
  • Ingress protection: none
  • Mounting: wall mounting flanges with M4 holes
  • Standards: All proFIL™ products are to the standard of IEC60945 to insure safe operation in the environment on relevant parts. Some of the criteria is operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetical compatibility.

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