proISO 1001

proISO 1001

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Galvanic Coaxial Cable Isolator for 80 MHz – 1 GHz band.

  • A professional high-quality building block that creates full galvanic isolation between antenna and radio.
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proISO™ series of Galvanic Coaxial Cable Isolators for DC-grounded antennas solves immediately ground leak and interference problems in communication system. proISO™ technology is designed especially for demanding marine and

military environments.

proISO™ series of Galvanic Coaxial Cable Isolators allows the use of ground plane-, lightning protected- and grounded antennas in vessels that would otherwise suffer from stray currents and ground leaks. proISO ™ series protects against conducted noise and interference. In addition to universal isolator, proISO™ series includes optimized models for FM radio and TV antennas, high power MF/HF systems and marine VHF.

Due to high-performance design of proISO™ it can easily be used between antennas, filters, radios and amplifiers without losing sensitivity of the communication system.

proISO™ technology enables trouble free EMP and EMC protection of coaxial cable inlets in the vessel´s hull. If the cable’s screen is grounded for potential equalization, EMC shielding or EMP protection, an unwanted DC current path might occur between the vessel’s metallic body and radio communication equipment. By installing a proISO™ device just after the cable inlet a complete ground loop protection is achieved. No artificial floatings are required anymore.

Prevent ground loops and increase performance

  • fast deployment in retrofits
  • suitable for all radios and antennas
  • static discharge protection
  • breaks ground loops
  • minimizes interference
  • makes EMP and EMI protection easy
  • fully passive construction
  • no wearing components
  • customized versions available
  • compact size with flexible cable connectors eases installation

Electromagnetic modelling services fine-tunes performance

By using advanced proEMS™ electromagnetical simulation, modeling, analysis and measurement services a complete 3D-electromagnetic environment of the ship’s external structures is built and the optimal location for each antenna with the least interference can be found and verified. The proEMS™ services are useful for any size of boat or ship and are tailored for each customer separately.

Table 1 Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Frequency range (typical): 88MHz – 500 MHz
  • Frequency range (extended)*: 50MHz – 5 GHz
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Return Loss (extended): >20 dB
  • Insertion Loss (extended): < 0.5 dB
  • Power Handling (continuous total): 50W
  • Power Handling (peak)**: 100W
  • Connectors: N-type female
  • Interference rejection: High
  • Static Discharge protection: No

(* works beyond typical operating range with sligthly reduced performance)

(** Maximum tolerable peak value for antenna with better SWR < 2.5)

Table 2 Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C)

  • Dimensions: 32mm (h) x 57mm (w) x 130mm (l) (with cables 320mm)
  • Weight: about 200g
  • Material: Painted aluminium
  • Ingress protection: IP65 shock proof
  • Operational environment: -20° – +60° C non condensing
  • Standards: All proISO™ products are to the standard of IEC60945 to insure safe operation in the environment on relevant parts. Some of the criteria are operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetical compatibility

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