proISO 1010

proISO 1010

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High Frequency (690 MHz – 2.7 GHz) Galvanic Coaxial Cable Isolator for LTE & WiFi antennas.

  • Specially designed to isolate high frequencies from the ship’s electrical ground system and allow antenna to be galvanically grounded.
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Compact and high performance antenna combiner up to 6GHz WiFi frequency. It is ideally used with proTAC 5311 4G LTE antenna to split it with LTE modem and WiFi router.

proFIL 5220 covers communication bands from 80MHz up to 6GHz. LTE communication port is specially designed for

modern high speed data modems operating between 690MHz and 2.7GHz. WiFi port is intended for WLAN routers at 5.8GHZ


Instant advantages

  • reduced co-site interference
  • reduced intermodulation
  • saved space
  • reduced installation cost and time

Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Product: proISO 1010 High Frequency galvanic coxial cable isolator
  • Model: GLI1010
  • Type: Capacitively coupled galvanic isolator / DC block
  • RF specification: –
  • Standard frequency range: 1GHz – 6GHz
  • RF-specification (standard range): RL: <-25dB (average) / Loss: < 0.7dB (average) / POWER: 50W

Mechanical & Environmental specifications

  • General: N-female connectors / Material: Aluminum / Connector chassis and case isolated
  • Environment: -20°- 60°C non condensing IP65
  • Size: w&h: 42 x 42 mm / body length 130 mm / length with cables 300 mm
  • Mounting: hanging, cable rail
  • Options: ACC2001: DIN RAIL / WALL

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