proISO 2001

proISO 2001

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Grounding protector for dGPS Navtex antennas (100 kHz – 1 MHz).

  • Creates DC-isolation between active antenna and vessel’s ground, while still ensuring RF ground connection for interference free reception of received signals.
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proISO™ series of Grounding Protectors for dGPS and Navtex antennas and MF/HF applications are professional high-quality isolators. proISO™ grounding protectors create galvanical isolation between active antenna element and vessel’s ground. proISO™ technology is designed especially for demanding marine and military environments.

proISO 2001 is used to replace grounding wire of dGPS/Navtex reception antenna. It creates DC- isolation between active antenna and vessel’s ground while still ensuring RF ground connection for interference free reception of received signals.

proISO™ series of grounding protectors does not only prevent the formation of harmful ground leaks but it also works as lightning protector and dissipates harmful static charges from antenna elements.

proISO™ technology enables trouble free galvanic isolation of communication system. Due to its high performance and innovative design, safety is never compromised and the quality of communication is secured.

Prevent ground loops, increase performance Less trouble!

  • fast deployment in retrofits
  • replaces antennas’ ground wire
  • static discharge protection
  • breaks ground loops
  • enables lightning and surge protection
  • makes EMP and EMI protection easy
  • fully passive construction
  • compact size with flexible cables eases installation

Electromagnetic modelling services fine-tunes performance

By using advanced proEMS™ electromagnetical simulation, modeling, analysis and measurement services a complete 3D-electromagnetic environment of the ship’s external structures is built and the optimal location for each antenna with the least interference can be found and verified. The proEMS™ services are useful for any size of boat or ship and are tailored for each customer separately.

Table 1 Electrical Specifications (TA=25°C)

  • Frequency range (typical): 285KHz –325KHz (dGPS)
  • Frequency range (extended)*: C100KHz-600KHz / Navtex (490/518kHz)
  • Power Handling (continuous total): 50W
  • Power Handling (peak)**: N/A
  • Connectors: 1.5mm2 copper wire
  • Resistance to ground: 1Mohm
  • Lightning protection: Yes, threshold voltage 230V, Conductivity 10KA
  • Static Discharge protection: Yes

(* works beyond typical operating range with sligthly reduced performance)

(** Maximum tolerable peak value for antenna with better SWR < 2.5)

Table 2 Mechanical and Environmental properties (TA=25°C)

  • Dimensions: diameter: 30mm length: 150mm cable length: 200mm
  • Weight: about 60g
  • Material: thermoplastic sealed aluminium body
  • Ingress protection: IP68 shock proof
  • Operational environment: -40° – +80° C
  • Standards: All proISO™ products are to the standard of IEC60945 to insure safe operation in the environment on relevant parts. Some of the criteria is operating temperature, storage temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetical compatibility.

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