proTAC 5401

proTAC 5401

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4-band (FM receiver 88-108 MHz, Marine VHF 150-170 MHz, TETRA 380-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz UHF LTE) communications antenna Perfect for aluminum patrol boats.

  • Designed for demanding marine and military conditions.
  • Works also as a wideband 100-400 MHz Tactical antenna.
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proTAC 5401 compact and robust 4-band communications antenna for patrol boats is designed for demanding marine and military conditions.

proTAC 5401 4-band communications antenna offers good match for FM receiver, Marine VHF, TETRA and 450MHz UHF

LTE/WiMAX bands. Alternatively 450 MHz band can be used with TETRA TEDS radios.

High performance and robust proTAC™ technology reduces design complexity of vessels topside structures by radically minimizing the antenna count. It not only makes the design easier but it also reduces intermodulation interference and cross-talk that would otherwise occur in too densely located antenna environments.

Used together with Quadruplex Antenna Combiner-proFIL 4401 it is possible to use simultaneously up to four radios.

proTAC™ technology combines unique design and materials that minimize radar cross section increases robustness and reduces interference while being compact in size.

Advanced features create advantage

  • less interference
  • requires ground plane
  • compatible NATO-flange mount
  • very compact and robust design
  • aluminum and nylon body, replaceable carbon fibre whip
  • designed to be used with proFIL 4401 and four radios
  • can be used with proISO 1001 to prevent ground loops

Electromagnetic modelling services fine-tunes performance

Use our advanced proEMS™ electromagnetical simulation, modelling, analysis and measurement services to create a

complete 3D-electromagnetic environment of the ships’ external structures. This way the optimum location for each

antenna with the least interference can be found and verified. The proEMS™ services are useful for any size of boat or ship and will be tailored for each customer separately.

Technical features

  • Antenna type: Omnidirectional / Operational mode is monopole / Adequate ground plane and contact is required (>1 sqm)
  • Frequency range: FM: 88MHz – 108MHz / VHF: 150MHz – 170MHz / TETRA: 380MHz – 420MHz / UHF: 450MHz – 470MHz
  • Antenna gain: FM: -5dBi / VHF: 1dBi / TETRA: 2dBi / UHF: 1dBi
  • Return loss: FM: >6dB / VHF: >10dB / TETRA: >10dB / UHF: >10dB
  • Powerhandling: Continuous total 50W
  • Mounting: NATO-flange mount with four bolts / O-ring supplied for sealing
  • Connector: N-type female at bottom
  • Enviromental: Case IP68 shock proof / Operating temp: -30° – +60°
  • Material: Aluminium base / Carbon fibre radiator whip
  • Dimensions: Height: 400 mm (without connector) / Width: 140 mm (base plate diameter)
  • Weight: 620 g
  • Order code: ANT5401: proTAC 5401 4-Band Communications Antenna (FM – VHF – TETRA – UHF)
  • Delivery time: From stock (with reservations)

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