Sail-Gen hydro generators

Sail-Gen hydro generators

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  • 12 & 24V models
  • Generates approximately 230 amp-hours per day at 6 knots (12V model)
  • Low drag design
  • Robust corrosion-resistant construction throughout


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Producing electricity on passage is a major consideration for the cruising yachtsman. With on-board refrigeration, autopilot, radar and other electrical equipment, power consumption when underway can be 200 amp-hours per day or more. The Sail-Gen generates electricity as you sail and is easily capable of matching or exceeding the average yacht’s power requirements.

The Sail-Gen comprises a rigid welded aluminium frame with a carbon fibre driveshaft and cast alloy alternator housing and water impeller. The Sail-Gen is easy to install, compact in size, reliable and efficient in operation.

  • The Sail-Gen generates approximately 230 amp-hours per day at 6 knots, rising to 500 amp-
    hours at 8 knots
  • Low drag design results in minimal loss of boat speed
  • The Sail-Gen utilises Eclectic Energy’s proven ‘dive plane’ technology, which controls the
    impeller operating depth and adjusts for the sea state
  • The Sail-Gen features an active dive plane making deployment and recovery easier and safer
  • Robust corrosion-resistant construction throughout, with no vulnerable gearbox or submerged
    electrical parts as found in other water generators
  • High-speed water impeller option for performance yachts & multi-hulls
  • Flexible mount options are available

Country of Manufacture: UK


Eclectic Energy

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