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Sonihull-8 System Includes

  • 8 independent ultrasonic transducer outputs
  • Industrial grade LCD full colour screen
  • Full critical path fault monitoring
  • Runtime hour timer
  • Event history
  • Fully programmable transducer control
  • RS232 port for repeater panel and future upgrades
  • Status remote output for integration with management systems
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Sonihull8 is the latest addition to NRG Marine’s Sonihull range of ultrasonic anti-fouling technology.

Sonihull’s fit-and-forget systems prevent marine organisms colonising solid surfaces that are exposed to raw seawater. With eight independent and programmable outputs, Sonihull8 can protect every part of your vessel or structure from marine fouling.

Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Sonihull8 is low cost and low maintenance, with zero poisonous environmental legacy. With one panel and eight transducers, Sonihull8 has all of your equipment covered.

Key Features

  • Effective bio-fouling without the poisonous environmental legacy of biocides or metal compounds.
  • Inaudible to humans and marine life with no interference to sonar and electronic equipment.
  • Can connect up to 80m away with no loss in performance. This makes Sonihull8 suitable for modular prefabricated constructions.
  • Easy Installation – no drydocking, no through-hull fittings, no expensive anodes to replace.
  • Independent transducers ideal for large installations where multiple surfaces & equipment can be protected by one unit.
  • Choose from different resonance algorithms to suit different materials or structures being protected.
  • Extended maintenance intervals mean less downtime and reduced running costs.
  • Microbial Control – Sonihull also suppresses Diesel bug and keeps potable water fresher for longer.
  • Fully Programmable & Integratable with RS232 / RS422 and Modbus communication interface for  wired/ wireless remote control with critical path fault monitoring.


  • Modular design (configurable as 4, 6 or 8 transducer outputs)
  • Each transducer channel is fully monitored for fault condition
  • Power supply protection supports overload/underload monitoring for input and operating voltages

Networking & Programming

  • Programmable timer enables individual/group/all control
  • RS232 interface supports remote monitoring and control
  • Networkable up to 32 x Sonihull8 panels (possible total network size 256) for centralized monitoring and control of large installations
  • Fully compatible SCADA interface for vessel management systems
  • Mobile app enabling remote viewing, monitoring and control (requires WiFi/4G interface module)

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Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System By NRG Marine.