Sonihull Mono

Sonihull Mono

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Sonihull Mono System Includes

  • Sonihull ultrasonic pulse generator control unit with 1 transducer output
  • Ultrasonic transducer complete with 5.5 metres of cable x1
  • Mains cable with 3 pin UK standard fused plug
  • Marine Grade epoxy glue, Vaseline
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Sonihull is a complete range of fit-and-forget anti-fouling solutions for any solid surface that is exposed to raw seawater.

From hulls, shafts, propellers and waterjets, to sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes and valves.

Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Sonihull is low cost, low maintenance with zero poisonous environmental legacy.

Key Features

  • Effective bio-fouling without the poisonous environmental legacy of biocides or metal compounds
  • Inaudible to humans and marine life with no interference to sonar and electronic equipment.
  • Low power consumption – at about 3.6 Watts per transducer Sonihull is ideal for shore or battery power.
  • Easy Installation – no drydocking, no through-hull fittings, no expensive anodes to replace.
  • Reduced fuel consumption – clean hull, propellers and rudders can reduce fuel bills by up to 30%.
  • Reduced maintenance – clean propellers and shafts will reduce vibration and drivetrain wear.
  • Extended maintenance intervals mean less downtime and reduced running costs.
  • Microbial Control – Sonihull also suppresses Diesel bug and keeps potable water fresher for longer.
  • Fully Programmable & Integratable with RS232 / RS422 and Modbus communication interface for  wired/ wireless remote control with critical path fault monitoring.


  • ALUMINIUM MOUNTING RING – These marine-grade weldable aluminium mounting rings are

    ideal for aluminium hulls, jet drives, sea chests or other aluminium structures. The rings can be

    fitted as part of the standard build where Sonihull systems are offered as a buyer option.

  • STERN DRIVE ADAPTOR – This bolt-on device allows ultrasonic transmission into surfaces

    that are hard to reach, like stern drives. Results show an impressive average of 80% reduction

    in fouling on sterndrives using Sonihull via a stern drive adaptor.

  • SHAFT ADAPTOR – This universal vibration-absorbing mount enables Sonihull’s ultrasonic

    antifouling pulses to be transmitted directly into a rotating prop shaft and along through to the

    propeller blades. A clean propeller can reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

  • PIPE ADAPTOR – With our full range of standard-diameter pipe adaptors, Sonihull can be

    attached to almost any kind of pipework. Protecting box coolers, valves, inlets, sea chests or

    other raw water handling equipment form being clogged by unwanted marine growth.

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Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System By NRG Marine.